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Presque 1 an sans nouveau post sur le blog, c’est long et je m’en excuse sincèrement auprès de nos lecteurs ! Cette semaine c’est un artiste bien connu de Valerie qui vient réveiller nos oreilles puisqu’il s’agit d’Hyboid ! Il nous présente ici une petite mixtape introductive à son nouvel album qui sort ce jour et est intitulé Wired at Heart. Disponible dans une édition vinyl assez remarquable, et accompagné d’un petit gadget bien fun comme le prouve cette démo. Je tenais également à vous parler du premier album d’un artiste Norvégien dont Valerie s’était fait écho en 2011, Captain Now. Son disque est disponible via ce superbe site dont je vous conseille la petite intro très 90’s atari/amiga. Enfin, dernières infos concernant College : deux mixtapes sont disponibles ici et ici. Et en novembre, une tournée en Asie qui passera par La Corée, La Chine et le Japon (plus d’informations sur les dates par ici).

Almost one year without a post on the blog, it’s way too long and I’m really sorry about it! This week, we’ll talk about a well known artist by Valerie fans, Hyboid! He offers us a nice mixtape as an introduction to his new album, released just today, and named Wired at heart. Available in a very distinctive vinyl edition, and stuffed with a nice and fun gadget. I would have also like to talk about the first album of a Norvegian artist, we already talked about in 2011 on Valerie : Captain Now. His record is available via this wonderful website. Check the 90’s Atari/Amiga intro. Also, some last news about College : 2 mixtapes are available here and here. And there’s an Asia tour in november, through Korea, China, and Japan (more informations on tour dates here).

Hyboid – Wired at Heart Mixtape


Hyboid – You Win!
Kombi – Cyfrowa Gra
Sylvester – Rock the Box
Geoff Bastow – New Perpetual Motion 3
Scotch – Mirage
Sandy Marton – Camel by Camel
Jean-Philippe Rykiel – Mind Is Moving
Jan Hammer – The Trial and the Search
Hyboid – Bohemian Heartbreaker
Tangerine Dream – Hyperborea
Blue Öyster Cult – Shooting Shark
Righeira – Kon Tiki

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  2. danny digital on Wednesday 11, 2017

    FINALLY!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Charles on Wednesday 11, 2017

    What a trip, love it!

  4. Renan (Ruc - Herr Doktor) on Wednesday 11, 2017

    Hyboid is a man you can 100% trust! Perfect Italo – Synthy – Electro feel in this mix!

  5. John on Wednesday 11, 2017

    Eventually! But as usual it was worth the wait! Just so good…

  6. David on Wednesday 11, 2017

    YES!!! I’ve been loving these mixes for years! Keep them coming 🙂

  7. OneManDroid on Wednesday 11, 2017

    Sorry it’s taken so long to respond… this is the site that started my own DJing / music journey (for that, I can’t thank you enough) – really good to see this place active again, I thought it’d long been disbanded… another excellent mix (I know I’m doing something right when my Spotify recently threw up a lot of tracks on this mix for me to listen to!!)

    Another Hyboid classic (Magic Promises is STILL the best though!)

  8. Ticecomeobby on Wednesday 11, 2017