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Nous y sommes, c’est aujourd’hui que sort “Save the Day” le nouvel EP de College! J’étais vraiment très impatient de vous présenter ce travail car ce disque est, une nouvelle fois, une belle histoire de rencontres et d’échanges artistiques passionnants. Une collaboration inédite avec Nola Wren tout d’abord, une talentueuse chanteuse et songwriter américaine dont vous devez absolument aller découvrir le travail ici. Ensemble, nous avons signé ce single hanté par l’urgence et les ténèbres… Pour l’univers graphique, j’ai encore une fois souhaité travailler avec Alexander Burkart qui a su comprendre et enrichir ma référence aux grands thrillers US de la fin des années 70. Et enfin Jay Buim, mon ami réalisateur qui soutient Valerie et notre mouvement depuis le début (il a produit notre premier 7inch The Outrunners/ College avec Freedanger en 2007) qui a dirigé le fantastique court métrage qui illustre à merveille le cauchemar imaginé avec Nola Wren pour le titre Save the Day. Vous pouvez donc découvrir dès aujourd’hui cet EP en digital, en attendant une édition collector vinyl du single qui sera limitée à 300 exemplaires et disponible sur le shop de Valerie à partir du 1er décembre!

At last the day has arrived – the new EP from CollegeSave the Day” is out! I’m really happy to be able to present this work because, once again, it is a great story of exciting artistic encounters and exchanges. Firstly a unique collaboration with Nola Wren, the talented American singer and songwriter whose work you must see here. Together we created a single, haunted with urgency and darkness … For the artwork, I chose to work with Alexander Burkart again who was able to perfectly understand and translate my reference to the great US thrillers of the late 70s. And finally Jay Buim – my friend and a director who has supported Valerie and our movement from the beginning (he produced our first 7inch The Outrunners / College with Freedanger in 2007) – who directed the fantastic short film that epitomizes the nightmare Nola Wren imagined for the title track “Save the Day”. You can enjoy the digital EP today, pending a vinyl collector’s edition single which will be limited to 300 copies and available at the Valerie shop from December 1st!

COLLEGE NORTH AMERICA TOUR 2014 / Get your tickets!

26-11-14: WASHINGTON (US) – DC9
28-11-14: NEW-YORK (US) – Highline Ballroom (featuring Nola Wren)
29-11-14: BOSTON (US) – Brighton / Lance
30-11-14: MONTREAL (CA) – Vitrola
01-12-14: TORONTO (CA) – Drake
03-12-14: CHICAGO (US) – Empty Bootle
04-12-14: MINNEAPOLIS (US) – Entry
06-12-14: DENVER (US) – Larimer Lounge
07-12-14: SALT LAKE CITY (US) – Kilby
09-12-14: SEATTLE (US) – Neumos
10-12-14: PORTLAND (US) – Dougfir
12-12-14: SAN FRANCISCO (US) – Rickshaw
13-12-14: LOS ANGELES (US) – Roxy
14-12-14: SAN DIEGO (US) – Casbah

  1. […] The digital EP is available now via iTunes while a vinyl collector’s edition limited to 300 copies will be up for grabs on December 1st. Uncle T has been friends and a supporter of The Valerie Collective since the early days of this movement. We can’t wait to see what College has planned for his North American live tour which begins on the 24th of this month (see dates here)! […]

  2. Marcel on Friday 10, 2014

    Any other options to purchase?
    Dont have and want itunes…

  3. Vinny on Friday 10, 2014

    I was able to purchase it on the google play store

  4. DjBabyBuster on Friday 10, 2014

    Can’t wait for the vinyl, thanks for not leaving out us analog enthusiasts and going the lame itunes only route!

  5. thierry on Friday 10, 2014

    dis, Valérie, c’est quand tu fais un Tour par Paris ?

  6. Marmelade on Friday 10, 2014

    Nous aussi on adore Valerie !!!

  7. prawax on Friday 10, 2014

    Hello guys,
    today is the first of December and why the Roomba 776 is not yet available ?
    I can’t wait further.
    Greetings from Italy!

  8. prawax on Friday 10, 2014

    I meant the vinyl collector’s edition single and not the Roomba, sorry :)

  9. DjBabyBuster on Friday 10, 2014

    Hmm, December first come and gone, when can we expect the Save the Day 7″ in the shop? Sorry just very excited.

  10. Jeff on Friday 10, 2014

    Can we get an announcement about the vinyl?

  11. DjBabyBuster on Friday 10, 2014

    Update please?

  12. College on Friday 10, 2014

    The vinyl should be available next week on the store, stay tuned…

  13. Rachel on Friday 10, 2014

    Thanks for the North American tour!!!! Been waiting for years! Sorry the crowd in Denver was so lame…please don’t let it dissuade you from returning to the states soon!