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Lorsque je réalise les sélections de College, j’essaie de rassembler des morceaux qui m’ont touché afin de vous les faire partager. Parmi ceux là, il y a cette fois le tube de Kate BushRunning Up That Hill” dont je n’ai pas honte d’avouer que je ne le connaissais pas il y a encore quelques temps! C’est toujours une sensation merveilleuse de découvrir une musique ou un film pour la première fois alors j’espère que vous prendrez autant de plaisir à écouter cette sélection que je n’en ai eu à la préparer. Par ailleurs, je tenais également à remercier chaleureusement le public venu nombreux assister à mes concerts du mois de mars à Copenhague, Austin, Mexico, Bucarest, Niort, Munich et Berlin.

When I make selections for College, I try to collect pieces that touched me in order to share them. Among those is Kate Bush’s hit, “Running Up That Hill” that, I’m not ashamed to confess, I only recently discovered! It’s always a wonderful feeling to discover music or movies for the first time so I hope you have as much fun to listening to this mix as I’ve had preparing it. I also want to thank the large audience that attended my March concerts in Copenhagen, Austin, Mexico City, Bucharest, Niort, Munich and Berlin.

College – Every Single Time Mix


01 – Phochos – Glaciers
02 – Ian Boddy – Pulse
03 – Starcluster – Winter of Ice
04 – Mistral – Jamie
05 – Young Monday – Zaire
06 – Scratch Massive feat. Jimmy Somerville – Take Me There
07 – Charles Lindberg N.E.V – Peinlich Peinlich
08 – Terminal Twilight – The Lovers
09 – Hyboid – Requiem For Hyboid
10 – Xeno & Oaklander – Desert Rose
11 – Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill

  1. me on Friday 6, 2012

    How can I download it? The link just plays the album

  2. John on Friday 6, 2012

    Love the Scratch Massive inclusion! They are very underappreciated here in North America.

  3. Clem on Friday 6, 2012

    Je ne trouve pas les mots… C’est juste magnifique, du début jusqu’à la fin, on a l’impression d’être dans un rêve.

  4. Umers on Friday 6, 2012

    EPIC Outro , KB- Running up the hill, Nostalgia feelings !!!

  5. Alexis on Friday 6, 2012

    D’ailleurs Running up that hill a été repris par Chromatics , qui ont aussi participé à la B.O de Drive. C’est grâce à ce groupe que j’ai connu la chanson (sur leur album Night Drive)

  6. LD on Friday 6, 2012

    @ME…to download, right-click and then click “Save Link As” 🙂

  7. Chef Brodie on Friday 6, 2012

    Merci Valerie de m’avoir fait découvrir Scratch Massive, tu vis désormais à jamais de mon coeur…

  8. caleb cohoon on Friday 6, 2012

    Incredible mix! Might be my favorite of all time. 🙂

  9. Seth on Friday 6, 2012

    Beautiful mix. These are always very diverse and exciting. I was a late comer to “Running Up That Hill” as well. Actually, the first time I heard the song it was the Chromatics cover. Not a bad introduction. Both renditions knock me out. Keep these mixes coming!

  10. Stephane on Friday 6, 2012

    Running up that hill a également été repris par Placebo.

  11. Michel on Friday 6, 2012

    OMG, “Jamie” est génial

  12. Beker on Friday 6, 2012

    Le meilleur de la série… Le Kate Bush a la fin est particulièrement inspiré. Bravo!

  13. Mon ordi a planté, désolé on Friday 6, 2012

    Merci encore pour ce merveilleux set à Neuchâtel, on s’est vraiment sentis comme des cochons à qui on aurait donné 10 min de confiture. Nous autres sous-développés ne connaissons pas notre chance.

  14. College on Friday 6, 2012

    Je comprends votre déception et je me suis senti impuissant, le disque dur de mon pc a cassé sur scène 5 min avant de commencer. Nous allons re programmer un concert gratuit avec La Case à Chocs dès que possible. Ce message était certainement maladroit et je m’en excuse…

  15. Mea Culpa on Friday 6, 2012

    C’est ma remarque qui en devient maladroite.
    Merci et à bientôt

  16. robbet on Friday 6, 2012

    great mix …love the xeno track!

  17. Giordano on Friday 6, 2012

    Thank you for introduce me to Kate Bush. I’m in love with her songs.
    Very nice mix!
    Greetings from Brazil.

  18. Tumbly on Friday 6, 2012

    Love the track selection, wouldn’t consider it a “Mix” though. Its just some music with fades and gaps in between them

  19. Zack on Friday 6, 2012

    I keep listening to this mix over and over (it’s very good), but the Hyboid track is his SADDEST TRACK YET. ;_;

    I mean, what on Earth… is he dying or something? I desperately hope not.

  20. ReactorCritical on Friday 6, 2012

    I’ve been reading through the website, and wow, I’m having flashback after flashback. I spent my early years in the 80’s and you have nailed it.

    I have no idea how French people saw this stuff, but everything from Risky Business, to War Games, to Miami Vice, punk florescent hair styles, to electro-pop/synth complete with the Elton John sunglasses… Holy hell.. Now I know why I miss it. Ronald Reagan was President and the US was rockin.

    It’s very strange to see this manifest in France. I was there, but I had no idea other Countries followed it- especially France. In the 80’s, we thought every Frenchman hated the US. And back then, just like right now, we don’t care. But I’m glad somebody over there was paying attention. Thanks from the US of Fking A.

  21. James on Friday 6, 2012

    This is a really nice mix well in. Reactor Critical The US of Gay is not the source of everything that has ever happened you ignorant fucking ‘douche’..(oh look a french word) France had the 80s too and guess what so did the UK where al ot of this stuff started synth pop and Elton Johns Sunglasses (what ever the fuck this has to do with it) Your cultural compass is so screwed i’d be surprised if you haven’t visited the USSR in a Burka looking for the Inca trail.

  22. JAG on Friday 6, 2012

    Look, another French fairywinkle plunging his fist into his pre-teen boyfriends bleeding crusty brown eye.

    Does it hurt to know that your pube free boy toy has been pumped to blindness by a horde of AIDS infected sand monkey semen? Don’t worry though, when you’re done taxing the smartest people in your Country by 75%, I’m sure you’ll have much more to choose from on broke back mountain.

    The US is the source of all the material here gaping pud puller. And don’t forget kids- Fk France.

  23. keresőoptimalizálás on Friday 6, 2012

    Great mix. Good job 🙂
    (An electronic music fun from Budapest, Hungary 🙂

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  27. AlbumMIke on Friday 6, 2012

    Just playing this mix over and over on repeat, amazing music!!