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Comme chaque année la Saint Valentin a inspiré Electric Youth avec le volume II de leur “February Story Mix“…. Cette nouvelle sélection, placée sous le signe de l’amour, vous propose de grands classiques mais aussi les productions efficaces d’une moitié des Outrunners, PDLT. Ils nous offrent ainsi un mix sensuel et ensoleillé qui réchauffera vos oreilles pendant les longues soirées d’hiver!

Once again, Electric Youth has been inspired by Valentine’s Day to create Volume II of their ‘February Story Mix’… This new compilation, forged under the sign of love, provides the classics as well as a great offering by The Outrunners’ other half PDLT. A sensual and sunny mix to warm your ears through the long winter evenings!

Electric Youth – A February Story Mix Part II


01 – The Paradise – In Love with You
02 – Pierre De La Touche – I Want Your Love
03 – Visitor – Love (Club Edit)
04 – Anoraak – Cloud Rain Love
05 – Imagination – State Of Love
06 – I Blame Coco – Turn Your Back On Love (Plastic Plates Remix)
07 – Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Love Lost
08 – Chilly – For Your Love (Dmitry Bass Remix)
09 – PDLT – Love The Way
10 – Tiger & Woods – Love In Cambodgia

  1. James on Monday 20, 2012

    Loving the tunes. Any idea when more Valerie shirts will be up for sale? I have been wanting to purchase one since I first heard anoraak/college in summer of 2009.


  2. Michael on Monday 20, 2012

    Merci – this is awesome!!

  3. Vincent on Monday 20, 2012

    Cooooooool Mix 🙂

  4. Michael on Monday 20, 2012

    Perfect mix…as always)

  5. Spectre on Monday 20, 2012

    @james i’m waiting for the tshirts also!

  6. Justine on Monday 20, 2012

    Nice mix, love it!

  7. Mr. Primate on Monday 20, 2012

    Another winner, thanks!

  8. jean on Monday 20, 2012

    To be honest, the valerie collective is the best movement out there, ive been downloading the tapes since the first one, my life wouldnt be the same without you valerie, #ROCKINGVALERIESINCEDAYONE /////// much love to you guys, keep it up


  9. novemberain27 on Monday 20, 2012

    Hello from India! Great mix again, and great artwork.

    Your music is brilliant but to me, what relates your stuff most to the 80s is the artwork, keep up the artwork guys! cheers

  10. Joseph on Monday 20, 2012

    i would like to purchase the valerie tshirt….s’il vous plait