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Si mes calculs sont exacts, nous en sommes déjà à la quinzième sélection de Stephen Falken pour Valerie et j’espère que, comme moi, vous collectionnez tous ces précieux mix tant ils regorgent de titres rares et inédits. Dans ce nouvel épisode, au delà de ses coups de cœur, vous pourrez également retrouver le dernier remix des Outrunners pour le label Hollandais Silhouette Music.

According to my calculations, we are already on the fifteenth of Stephen Falken’s compilations for Valerie and I hope, like me, that you collect and cherish these precious mixes as they are teeming with rare and previously unreleased tracks. In his latest installment, apart from his favourites, you can also find the latest Outrunner’s remix for the Dutch label, Silhouette Music.

Stephen Falken – Missing In Action Mix


01 – Varia – Night Drive
02 – PIL – Order Of Death
03 – Grand Prix – Cruisin
04 – Front 242 – Take One
05 – TX – Church X
06 – Klorex – Betamax
07 – Keen K – Nozomi
08 – Drexciya – 700 Million Light Years From Earth
09 – Legowelt – Dirty Love
10 – L’Equipe Du Son – She Was A Dancer (The Outrunners Remix)
11 – Francis Lai – Le Corps De Mon Ennemi

  1. Alex on Sunday 5, 2012

    Great as always! I really miss the good old days with Valerie parties in Paris and Barcelona! Why there are no more parties planned?

  2. Romain on Sunday 5, 2012

    Merci !

  3. wopr on Sunday 5, 2012

    And a “guess what” track at the end …

  4. jonathan on Sunday 5, 2012

    thank you!

    by my count it’s the 16th. 14 were numbered ( 1-15, #11 is missing ) ; 2 were not numbered ( return mix , in from the cold mix )

  5. Ironymark on Sunday 5, 2012

    another classic mix. this blog never fails to deliver quality mixes non-stop hands down from some of the most talented artists. always a pleasure!

  6. TNUC on Sunday 5, 2012

    Miss The Outrunners in a big way!

    p.s. Where’s MAETHELVIN???

  7. Richter on Sunday 5, 2012

    I’m loving the Order of death drop in! I just watched hardware the other day too!

  8. Spigot666 on Sunday 5, 2012

    Where can I find the stephen falken mixes 10 11 & 12? the rest can be easily found. thanks in advance.