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Flemming Dalum dévoue son expertise musicale à un seul genre musical, l’Italo Disco. Cela n’a d’ailleurs pas échapé à David Vunk, du label Moustache Records, qui lui a déjà confié la réalisation de deux maxis ainsi qu’une fantastique compilation mixée intitulée “The Holy Grail of Italo” en 2009. Flemming est donc un expert dans son domaine et en l’invitant sur Valerie pour un mix exclusif, je savais qu’il nous dénicherait des perles rares. Et c’est donc une mission accomplie avec ces 42 titres ajustés avec une précision d’orfèvre, le voyage mélodique qu’il nous propose promet en effet d’être inoubliable!

Flemming Dalum devotes his musical expertise to a single musical genre, Italo Disco. It’s certainly for that reason that David Vunk (Moustache Records), who has already confided him the realization of two EP as well as a fantastic mixed compilation ” The Holy Grail of Italo ” in 2009. Flemming is thus an expert in his domain and in the inviting on Valerie for an exclusive mix, I knew that he would pick up us rare tracks. And it is thus a mission achieved with these 42 tracks adjusted with silversmith’s precision, the melodic journey which he proposes us indeed promises to be unforgettable!

Flemming Dalum presents Magic 80’s – Mix for Valerie


DJ BERT & EAGLE – I Am Your Master (Fleet 1980)
KID MACHINE – Replicants (Unreleased)
SOMA HOLIDAY – Shake Your Molecules (Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L’Acier 1984)
JERRY CO – Mathematic Dance (BMG 1987)
FLYING D.J. – Marylin (Sound Of Italy 1985)
KID MACHINE – Dragon (Unreleased)
ASTRONUT – Astronut Communications TRS EDIT (Carrere 1980)
LOST YEARS – Closure (Unreleased)
DIABOLO – Long Vehicle (CNR 1982)
ROLAND SEBASTIAN FABER – Gegenstrom (Upcoming Aube release 2011)
ANTARES DESTINY – Offworld Solutions (Unreleased)
BILLY WOOST – Body, Body Love (New Polaris 1977)
MIKE SALTA – Voices INST (Unreleased)
ANN STEEL – My Time (Durium 1979)
SYNTHIA – Intermezzo Playa Super (Unreleased Bijou productions)
SILVER BOY – Silverboy (Delivery 2011)
MARZIO DANCE – You Can Do It (Fulltime 1984)
DANIELA POGGI – Break Up (Polydor 1985)
MANHATTAN PROJECT – That’s Impossible (City 1986)
FREDERIC BERGAMASCHI – Demo Track 4 (Unreleased)
SILVER BOY – Disco Hit! (Delivery 2011)
ROLAND SEBASTIAN FABER – Society (Upcoming Aube release 2011)
GAZEBO – Queen Of Burlesque (I Venti d’Azzurro 2011)
LOST YEARS – Connections (Unreleased)
FREDERIC BERGAMASCHI – Demo Track 2 (Unreleased)
DIABOLO – Keep Quiet (CNR 1982)
MR. GROOVE – Number One (ZYX 1984)
PH GROOVE – Nighthawk Fever (Upcoming release on Relux Rimini)
NEW PARADISE – Manimaniac (Ibach 1985)
THE TRICK – Africa (Disques Vogue 1984)
JUNO GANG – Electric Ghost (UBS 1988)
PH GROOVE – Future Shock (Upcoming release on Relux Rimini)
SAVINO – Andromeda Vs Tr808 (Unreleased)
PH GROOVE – Rocket Power (Upcoming release on Relux Rimini)
LECTRIC WORKERS – Robot Is Systematic (Mike Salta remix) (Unreleased)
CUNNING TOY– Searching (Not On Label 1987)
OSCAR PRUDENTE – Stadium (CGD 1977)
THE TRICK – Somewhere There’s A World (Disques Vogue 1984)
TONIC – Marylin En Jean (WEA 1982)
ROBERTA RAVASI – Devil Or Angel (City 1984)
THE CALEPS – Arcade Wizard (F1 Team 1983)

  1. C.h.u.c.a.r.o on Monday 12, 2011

    No suelo seguir blogs y sin embargo Valerie me cautivo desde un primer instante. Increible compilacion por parte de Flemming. Larga vida al Italo Disco !

  2. al on Monday 12, 2011


  3. Mike on Monday 12, 2011

    Flemming is THE MAN. So good to hear another picture perfect mix. His DJ technique, track selection, everything is flawless. Top choices in Italo as always.

  4. SynthMachine on Monday 12, 2011

    Another amazing mix!! What anItalo track selection, purely magic!
    More Italo mix!!
    Thank you College

  5. fabian on Monday 12, 2011

    i love this shit. fuck yessssssssssssssss.

  6. Joe on Monday 12, 2011

    This mix is awesome – the best I’ve ever heard!

  7. Mark on Monday 12, 2011

    Flemming Dalum: An educator in music. The Mix: An education in music.


  8. caleb cohoon on Monday 12, 2011

    This is possibly the best mix I’ve ever heard! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!!

  9. Steven on Monday 12, 2011

    Much appreciated for the information and share!

  10. Blog expérience utilisateur on Monday 12, 2011

    Probably the best Italo mix I’ve heard for ages. Thank you for sharing, it’s really awesome.

  11. Otto on Monday 12, 2011

    This mix is excellent! Thank you!

  12. Jonah on Monday 12, 2011

    incredible. thank you.

  13. Thomas on Monday 12, 2011

    Have only heard 10 min on my slow African connection in Zambia between 00.00-03.00, where download is free, and it’s fantastic! Is there any way to get this on download, so the beauty is not ruined by cuts from the slow connection?

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  15. Alex on Monday 12, 2011

    This mix is just insane!! best ive heard i ages!! Thank u flemming dalum. you’re the MAN

  16. wyan squat on Monday 12, 2011

    so good.

  17. BangkokHeat on Monday 12, 2011

    I am going to say the same as everyone else, This is easy the best dj set of 80s music i have ever heard. Thankyou so much for sharing.

  18. Benji on Monday 12, 2011

    When it comes to electronic diamonds like Italo Disco with actual electronic music, the name Flemming Dalum has to be named!