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J’ai découvert le travail de l’artiste canadien Young Monday grâce aux compilations synthétiques du label Radio Cosmos qui ont mis en lumière ses compositions hautement mélodiques. Séduit par la richesse remarquable de son univers, j’ai souhaité l’inviter sur Valerie et il a très gentillement accepté mon invitation en nous livrant cette semaine une fabuleuse histoire musicale, sans doute une des sélections les plus excitantes de l’histoire du blog!

I discovered the work of the Canadian artist Young Monday thanks to the great compilations of the label Radio Cosmos which revealed his highly melodic compositions. Seduced by the remarkable quality of its universe, I wished to invite him on Valerie and he has accepted kindly my invitation by delivering us this week a fabulous musical novel, doubtless one of the most exciting selections of the history of the blog!


After the mysterious disappearance of Professor Gorodish from his research station in the remote wilderness of Northern Vancouver Island, two old friends set out in search of their lost comrade and to discover the circumstances surrounding his vanishing. On their journey through the dark forests and treacherous rocky coastline they find a secret observatory built by Gorodish where disturbing revelations on the future of mankind are discovered. Upon finding a cryptic note left behind by Gorodish with clues to his whereabouts, the friends set back into the forest, but the path ahead wont be easy. Will they find Gorodish? Will they ever make it back to safety? Follow these two friends as they continue their adventure into the unknown.

Young Monday – Gorodish’s Secret Mix


the road ends / the forest begins

Sauveur Mallia – Blue Lazer
Duncan Mackay – Gin Sing
Tik and Tok – The Tube
Anna – Systems Breaking Down (Dance Version)

a clearing in the woods / unexpected answers

The Advisory Circle – Nuclear Substation
Young Monday – Property
David Michael Cross – The Elohim
Oppenheimer Analysis – Radiance

a note is found / back into the underbrush

Nicolas Peyrac & Roland Romanelli – Rite
Young Monday – Spatial Wayfaring
Peter Baumann – Strangers in the Night

night falls on camp / weary friends reminisce

Bill Wyman & Terry Taylor – Black Notes
Anoraak – Nightdrive with you (Adeyhawke remix)

the final stretch / a figure is seen on the beach

The Hasbeens – Make the World go Away
Vulva – White BMW (Legowelt remix)
Frédéric Mercier – Aqualung

  1. id on Monday 25, 2011

    beautiful mix, made my day

  2. Chef Brodie on Monday 25, 2011

    Un des meilleurs mix du Blog, le remix de Anoraak m’a mis les larmes aux yeux, tandis celui de Legowelt m’a remis d’appoint, je crois que c’est ça l’effet Valerie, une palette d’émotion musicale.

  3. Giordano on Monday 25, 2011

    Very beautiful mix!
    Welcome Young Monday!

  4. Youssef El Bobbi on Monday 25, 2011

    Vraiment très surprenant

  5. Allen on Monday 25, 2011

    Young Monday! I guess it is a good sign if I haven’t finished the mix and I have replayed the young monday track’s 3 times each. You have a great sound YM, more please more…

  6. Flo on Monday 25, 2011

    Le lien de téléchargement semble cassé … snif …. j’ai hâte d’écouter cela !

  7. college on Monday 25, 2011

    Sorry we meet some troubles with our provider since the weekend, hope that we can fixed that soon 🙁

  8. Logan 5 on Monday 25, 2011

    Excellent mix!!
    So great to hear Tik & Tok’s wonderful track “Tube” on here!!

  9. Richard on Monday 25, 2011

    This is some superb music. Well done and thanks!