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Les voyages vers Mars sont encore un rêve pour l’homme mais déjà des chercheurs étudient les possibilitées d’une telle aventure (cf. le fascinant projet Mars 500) PDLT (The Outrunners) a souhaité retranscrire à travers sa sélection les contours mélodiques étranges et merveilleux qui pourraient peupler l’imaginaire des futurs missions martiennes.

The space travel towards Mars are still a dream for human being but already some scientists study the possibilities of this adventure (see Mars 500 project) PDLT (The Outrunners) wished to retranscribe through its selection the weird and wonderful melodic outlines which could emerge from the imagination of future Martian missions.

The Outrunners – Welcome to Mars (PDLT Mix)


01 – Kenji Kawai – Nine Sisters
02 – Christian Gleinser – Fireplace
03 – Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Winds over Neo-Tokyo
04 – DMX Krew – Happy Birthday
05 – Human – Evil Knievel
06 – Chaotik Ramses – A Tribute
07 – Ghost Cauldron – Look back see forward

  1. Blaker on Tuesday 5, 2011

    Nice. I’m ready to visit Mars now!

  2. malako on Tuesday 5, 2011

    AMAZIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!! i’m going to mars too!

  3. planetspectra on Tuesday 5, 2011

    I think I’m going to enjoy this one especially

  4. David Good on Tuesday 5, 2011

    Nice use of Akira music! I really like the feeling of this mix 🙂