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Avant de m’envoler pour Moscou avec Anoraak samedi, je souhaitais vous informer en avant première de la mise en ligne des tous premiers extraits de Northern Council sur Valerie… La sortie du disque étant prévue le 14 mars, j’ajoute que ce sera pour moi l’occasion d’offrir un poster exclusif des illustrations de The Zonders aux trente premiers acheteurs. Enfin, pour fêter cet évènement, Stephen Falken m’a fait l’honneur de réaliser un mystérieux et élégant remix du premier extrait de l’album, “Answers” que je vous invite vivement à découvrir.

Before taking the plane for Moscow with Anoraak on Saturday, I wished to inform you about the on-line preview of first ones extract of Northern Council on Valerie… The release of the record being planned on March 14th, I add that it will be for me the opportunity to offer an exclusive poster designed by The Zonders to the first thirty buyers. Finally, to celebrate this event, Stephen Falken honoured me with realizing a mysterious and elegant remix  of the first single, “Answers” whom I deeply invite you to discover.

College – Answers (Stephen Falken Remix)

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  1. Guerrilla Stoemp on Friday 11, 2011

    Super ce morceau!

    j’ai hâte d’écouter l’album

  2. TNUC on Friday 11, 2011

    purchased!……..really looking forward to this one

  3. MVR1987 on Friday 11, 2011

    Ordered today! Bring another Valerie party to San Francisco!!

  4. aleixanders on Friday 11, 2011

    hola!!! son tiempos de proyectos.animo…

  5. Peter on Friday 11, 2011

    Loving it as always. Hope to see a Valerie party in Denmark at some point!

    Unfortuneatly I wasnt one of the first 30 to order. Is anyone able to post an image of the poster for the first 30 orders?

  6. Mike on Friday 11, 2011

    Northern Council is a triumph. A great work of imagination.

    TWA Flight 450
    White Mosiac
    Northern Council
    Divided Loyalty

    All very much highlights for me. Fantastic work College, and love the artwork and poster by the Zonders. Great simple compositions that are brimming with atmosphere and imagination, keep it up.

  7. GhostofJohnHughes on Friday 11, 2011

    I’m going to have to pirate this while waiting for my purchased copy to arrive!

    im sitting here just rattling my chains all impatiently!!

  8. Grégoire Thomas on Friday 11, 2011

    Great album, many thanks to College and Valerie Collective. Keep up your fantastic work.

  9. Nicola Dulion on Friday 11, 2011

    Très très très bon album !!! 🙂