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Cette semaine, je vous propose un nouveau mix exclusif dirigé cette fois-ci par un certain Marco Tulio Trash, un mystérieux renégat électronique dont j’ai récemment croisé le chemin au hasard d’une autoroute virtuelle. Sa sélection est une histoire divisée comme les chapitres d’un bon roman, une aventure mélodique que je vous invite à enrichir grâce à son blog où vous pourrez découvrir ses nombreux autres projets.

This week, I propose to you a new exclusive mix managed this time by Marco Tulio Trash, a mysterious electronic renegade whose road I recently crossed at random of a virtual highway. His selection is a story divided as the chapters of a good novel, a melodic adventure which I invite you to enrich thanks to its blog where you can discover his other numerous projects.

“At night, on a lonely road, Chrissy is on her way to a party when, all of a sudden, she encounters an alien boy. She takes him with her to the party. However their fun is cut short by mysterious government agents who are after the boy. They narrowly escape into the rain and hatch a plan to get themselves out of trouble. But will Chrissy ever see this mysterious boy she has fallen in love with again?”

Marco Tulio Trash – The Boy Who Fell From Stars


Part 1 – Encounter:

Basil Poledouris – Lights Out
Hypnosis – Inesi
Experimental Products – Modern Living
Q – The Voice of Q
Basil Poledouris – Juke’s Jukebox (w/ spoken word)*

Part 2 – Party

Flex – Shakin’ Night Boogie
Fantasy – He’s Number One
Dharma – Plastic Doll
Rofo – Flashlight on a Disconight
Valerie Dore – The Night
Alden Tyrell – What Your Eyes Can Do

Part 3 – Escape

John Carpenter – Christine (Pt.1)
Tangerine Dream – Exit (w/ spoken word)*
Legowelt – Rain Season
Unit Black Flight – Night Raiders

Part 4 – Farewell

Angelo Badalamenti – Harold’s Theme (w/ spoken word)*
Marco Tulio Thrash – Forgotten Lust (demo)
Icebreaker International & Manual – A Turning

*Spoken word courtesy of DJ Elle-C

  1. sunny on Thursday 9, 2010


  2. Jan L. on Thursday 9, 2010

    amazing! thank you!

  3. calebhc on Thursday 9, 2010

    So amazing! Thanks for the wonderful mix! 🙂

  4. Quasars on Thursday 9, 2010

    Super mix. Thank you!

  5. Jean Louis on Thursday 9, 2010


  6. A on Thursday 9, 2010

    wow…. I just want to say that I’ve been listening to Valerie since the beginning, and I’ve appreciated many of your wonderful mixes. Thank you for these epic journeys… <3

  7. Vincent Curry on Thursday 9, 2010

    man there are some great tracks in this mix.

    that Fantasy track blew my mind.

  8. Carlos on Thursday 9, 2010

    Thank you Valerie for capturing the wonder and magic of the movies and music that influenced many of us as kids in the 80’s. Even better, your mixes are mutated with fresh flavors as we move forward and create the future!! Inspiring!

  9. emma on Thursday 9, 2010

    but the fantasy track – where can it be found? it is not the original version, i neeeed this version! anyone knows?

  10. Anthony on Thursday 9, 2010

    I really like who whole EP. I’ve talked about it to almost every one of my friends. I really like the Forgotten Lust track.

  11. RIpple on Thursday 9, 2010

    it’s ridiculous how great this mix is. well done on crafting such a tight narrative through the songs! i don’t want to just see this movie, i want to be in it.

  12. Sebastian on Thursday 9, 2010

    This mixi is making this day such a wonderfully melancholy one. A journey to the romantic bitterness of childhood solitude.