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Noël approche et le Professeur Falken a pensé à vous! En effet, malgré son important programme d’expérimentations sonores, il a tenu à vous offrir une nouvelle sélection électronique. Toutefois, je tiens à vous préciser que les conditions météorologiques de ces derniers jours ont rendu difficile la liaison avec son laboratoire et malgré mes efforts, la playlist de son émission a une nouvelle fois été égarée. Je suis cependant convaincu que vos oreilles bioniques sauront patiemment la reconstituer, bonne écoute et joyeuses fêtes à tous!

Christmas is coming and Professor Falken thought of you! Indeed, in spite of his important program of sound experiments, he was anxious to offer you a new electronic selection. However, I am anxious to specify that the weather conditions of these last days made difficult the connection with his laboratory and in spite of my efforts, the playlist of its broadcast was again misled. I am however convinced that your bionic ears will patiently know how to reconstitute her, good listening and happy holidays to all!

Stephen Falken – In From The Cold Mix

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  1. Rich Ashby on Thursday 23, 2010

    Merry Christmas to you all. Thanks for another excellent mix.

    LFO sounds surprisingly festive.

  2. MTT on Thursday 23, 2010

    Wonderful snowy mix. Sissons Greetings

  3. manu de hanoi on Thursday 23, 2010

    La derniere c la ballade d’albator n1 Bravo !

  4. MrMaen on Thursday 23, 2010

    Thank you!

    Please help me figure out the last few songs of the mix. They are just in my alley. In fact, they all are. A track list would be my perfect christmas gift 🙂

  5. James on Thursday 23, 2010

    Merry Christmas


  6. Edouard on Thursday 23, 2010

    Cool gift, thx

    Merry Xmas

  7. TNUC on Thursday 23, 2010

    Arctic level tempteratures on this mix……thanks Prof.

  8. Evgeniy on Thursday 23, 2010

    guys anyone knows name of the track that starts at 23:28? and another one at 14:10 (this one sounds like new Stephen Falken’s)

  9. watcho386 on Thursday 23, 2010


  10. TNUC on Thursday 23, 2010

    Unfortunate about the missing track-list……….i’d love to research more music from many of the artists featured on the mix.

  11. Kid Machine on Thursday 23, 2010

    Nice Christmas present for us all.

    Happy New Year Valerie, you’re an inspiration !

    Kid Machine

  12. Sund on Thursday 23, 2010

    Merci VALERIE pour tes mixes!
    Je t’aime

  13. Julian on Thursday 23, 2010

    Absolutely incredible.
    Listening that Mix my soul enjoy! Great Falken’s work!

    Thanks Valerie from Spain.

  14. Vincent Curry on Thursday 23, 2010

    If we all pool our resources together I’m sure we can all figure out this track list. You can google lyrics, or use the app Shazaam that “listens” to recordings and tells you what they are. I can begin the track list…