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Depuis le mois de septembre et la sortie de son premier album “Wherever the sun setsAnoraak sillonne l’Europe avec son nouveau live.(voir les dates de la tournée ici) En trois ans, le projet a pris le temps d’évoluer et le soin apporté à cette mutation est aujourd’hui salué par une critique unanime. Malgré cet emploi du temps chargé, Frédéric a préparé spécialement pour Valerie, une petite sélection de ses coups de cœur actuels. Vous pourrez également y découvrir son dernier remix pour le groupe Mansfield Tya sortie récemment en 45 tours (édition limitée) et disponible ici. Par ailleurs, Soundcloud et Anoraak organisent jusqu’au 29 novembre un concours de remix avec, à la clé, un compte pro et un CD de son album, avis aux amateurs!

Since the September release of its debut album ” Wherever the sun setsAnoraak crosses Europe with a new live act. (See tour gigs here) In three years, the project took time to evolve and the care brought by this transformation is greeted by unanimous critical acclaim today. In spite of this busy schedule, Frédéric prepared specially for Valerie, a small selection of his current beats of heart. You can also discover in his last one, a remix for Mansfield Tya‘s band released recently in 7inch (limited edition) and available here.  Also, on Soundcloud, Anoraak organizes until November 29nd a remix contest, with for the winner, a special business account and a CD of his album, let’s go!

Anoraak – Mixtape for Valerie


01- Siobhan Wilson – Getting me down (Anoraak rework)
02- Passion Pit – Little secret (Pengiuin Prison remix)
03- Matt Van Schie – Journey
04- Trans AM – First words
05- Mario Basanov – Do you remember (Arithmatix! remix)
06- Kisses – People can do the most amazing things
07- Kyte – Designed for damage (Pacific! remix)
08- Flight Facilities Feat. Giselle – Crave you (The CS90S remix)
09- Le Prix – Eyelash ok
10- Shy Child – The Beatles
11- Mansfield Tya – You are the woman (Anoraak remix)

  1. Fred on Friday 19, 2010

    Oh, this picture reminds me this ahah !
    Amazing nah ?

  2. De Lorean on Friday 19, 2010

    Good sound! I want to listen again.

  3. Benjamin on Friday 19, 2010

    Great mix!
    But this is: Kisses – People can do…

  4. Sam on Friday 19, 2010

    This mix was really good, listened to it many times in the same day already.

  5. richard weaver on Friday 19, 2010

    more please!

  6. Rich Ashby on Friday 19, 2010

    Fantastic stuff. Really uplifting tunes. Ideal soundtrack for a snowy day here in England.

    Blogged about it at

  7. Jakob on Friday 19, 2010

    im seriously diggin the Penguin Prison version of Passion Pit a lot!

    Siobhan Wilson’s voice is pure mint.

  8. Jan on Friday 19, 2010

    Great mix! Thanks!

  9. Edouard on Friday 19, 2010

    Congrats… You’re really astonishing Mr Anoorak, thx for everything

  10. Evgeniy on Friday 19, 2010

    guys, where this picture is taken from? is it some animation movie?

  11. butter team on Friday 19, 2010

    really, really solid – i’ve had it on blast for weeks!

  12. Levi on Friday 19, 2010

    I really love this mix it’s soo good, I discovered Matt Van Schie through it thank you!

  13. mushmouth4life on Friday 19, 2010

    Mario Basanov, next time you cross the pond, bring him with you.

  14. Otto on Friday 19, 2010

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  15. Shazeb on Friday 19, 2010

    One of my all-time favorite songs on here, “Do you remember”, the Arithmatix! remix! Brilliant!

  16. Shazeb on Friday 19, 2010

    Keep coming back to this tape. So good. I’d kill to be able to find more tapes like these now a days.

  17. Angel Amaya on Friday 19, 2010

    -I love this mixtape!