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Le nom de David Vunk vous est sûrement familier car j’ai, à de nombreuses reprises, évoqué le travail de son label Moustache Records. En s’entourant de grands noms comme Fred Ventura ou Alden Tyrell, David a façonné l’image d’un label qui est vite devenu la référence d’un certain renouveau mélodique de la scène Hollandaise. Il est, par ailleurs, connu pour être un grand “vinyl addict” ainsi qu’un véritable “archéologue” de discothèque. Cela m’a donc tout naturellement amené à l’inviter pour un mix exclusif que je vous propose de découvrir aujourd’hui. Un fabuleux voyage d’un peu plus de 60 min où les titres rares d’italo se mèlent au disco avec une précision d’orfèvre… merci maître Vunk!

David Vunk‘s name is certainly familiar to you because I evoked, on numerous occasions, the work of its label Moustache Records. By surrounding itself with big names as Fred Ventura or Alden Tyrell, David shaped the image of a label which fast became the reference of certain melodic revival of the Dutch scene. It is known, besides, to be a big ” vinyl addict ” as well as a real “archaeologist” of music. It thus quite naturally brought me to invite him for an exclusive mix which I suggest you discover today. Fabulous one journey of a little more than 60 min with some rare and beautiful tracks of Italo Disco mixed with high precision… thank you master Vunk!

David Vunk – Special Italo Disco Podcast for Valerie

  1. Superbird77 on Tuesday 9, 2010

    Most excellent mix! Tracklist please! 🙂

  2. Champion on Tuesday 9, 2010

    Voilà ce qu’il me fallait pour pédaler plus vite! La tracklist!

  3. Gddr on Tuesday 9, 2010


  4. Michael on Tuesday 9, 2010

    very Mixy Mix!

  5. Carl on Tuesday 9, 2010

    Je continue à être envouté par chaque release, quel excellent boulot.
    Oui, il nous faudrait une tracklist.
    Track 3 is an absolute gem !

  6. Rúben on Tuesday 9, 2010

    The track at ~18:53 is “LEFTOVER LOVE” by the italian duo DYVA. 😉

  7. Carl on Tuesday 9, 2010

    What about track 3 starting around 9:15 ?

  8. Heidi on Tuesday 9, 2010

    Whoa, this is one hell of a mix! Tracklist, hint hint 😉

  9. FisK on Tuesday 9, 2010

    Big thx for this massive mix!! urgent need of the tracklist 🙂

  10. fox-E on Tuesday 9, 2010

    tracklist please!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Zack on Tuesday 9, 2010

    01 – Misstress Barbara – K10 (Alan Fitzpatrick 2008 Remix)
    02 – Risen from the rank – A.I.D.S (Original Extended Version)
    03 – ???
    04 – Space Art – Nous Savons Tout
    05 – Dyva – Leftover Love
    06 – ???
    07 – Alex Valentini – Beautiful Life
    08 – Riccardo Cioni DJ Full Time – In America
    09 – South China Music Troupe – North Star
    10 – ???
    11 – Walter Gate – Call Me Love
    12 – ???
    13 – ???

    Sorry that’s the best I could do. If anyone knows what track 3 is, PLEASE LET US KNOW!!!

    GREAT MIX!!!!

  12. Carl on Tuesday 9, 2010

    Wow thank you Zack !
    Track 3 is a killer, I really wish Valerie would give us the full tracklist.
    I think they’re on vacation or something lol

  13. Heidi on Tuesday 9, 2010

    Zack, thank you so, so much 🙂 !

  14. Zack on Tuesday 9, 2010

    =D No problem guys, I just used the Android app Shazam, and then googling lyrics when Shazam didn’t work. I just hope someone can someday post the missing tracks (3,6,10,12,13)!!

  15. Carl on Tuesday 9, 2010

    Okay, regarding the tracklist, I emailed Valerie about it and I got a nice reply from College.
    They said David Vunk always keeps an aura of mystery around his mixes, so unfortunately there won’t be an official tracklist.
    Zack helped us with most of it, we still need to find 3, 6, 10, 12 and 13 as mentioned above.
    I understand Italian so I am trying to find Track 12 with a lyrics search but nothing is coming up…

  16. david on Tuesday 9, 2010


    i prefer to make a new mix instead of writing down what i played 🙂

    most stuff is known anyway… exept some homemade tracks from moustache vaults

    i just choose some known and unknown favorits 😉

    it was a pleasure…

    keep on rocking 🙂

  17. Mike on Tuesday 9, 2010

    Tack 3 is THE ONE.

  18. Pepe Silva on Tuesday 9, 2010

    Is Track number one that is driving me crazy.
    tried Shazam and Sounhog but both didn’t find the right track.

    please tracklist.

    p.s: i don’t know what tracklist Zack submitted but track number one is so not ‘Misstress Barbara – K10 (Alan Fitzpatrick 2008 Remix)’

  19. Zack on Tuesday 9, 2010

    Argh.. you’re right Pepe… I just put down Misstress Barbara b/c that’s what Shazam told me. So I guess track #1 is a mystery as well. :((

  20. Jack on Tuesday 9, 2010

    Any update regarding track 3 ??????

  21. Carl on Tuesday 9, 2010

    Jack, regarding the awesome track 3, further up Mike says it’s THE ONE.
    It’s going to be very hard to find it without the artist.

  22. Mike on Tuesday 9, 2010

    I would honestly be willing to pay up to $50 for track 3 on vinyl and up to $25 for a clean digital copy.

  23. Carl on Tuesday 9, 2010

    Oh Mike when you said Track 3 is THE ONE you were not giving the name ! You meant it was awesome. I misunderstood.

  24. Jordan on Tuesday 9, 2010

    Arg, track 3 is so sick, wonder what synth was used for the chords..Prophet, Jup 8?

  25. Vincent Curry on Tuesday 9, 2010


    I’ve been visiting the Valerie blog for a long time and I’m very very thankful for all the music I’ve discovered because of this blog. It has made a HUGE impact on the music I listen to and the music I create. I love coming here and finding new artists (new to me anyways) that I love.

    So, in my OPINION, this blog is a great place to SHARE music with others and all celebrate a certain taste of music. I feel like leaving a track list out is then taking out the sharing aspect of this blog, and instead providing more of a “look how awesome of music I listen to” and not at all a “I recommend checking out these artists.” So to me it becomes not a celebration of the artists, or even an advert for the artists, but rather for one’s self (the compiler)

    No disrepect to David Vunk here – I love this mix – but by not providing the track list, and even commenting on how badly people want to further explore the music he presented, seems selfish and counterproductive to a blog dedicated to sharing music to others.

    I’m not trying to start any kind of a fight here, I’m just saying that we would all be much happier to be able to explore and discover new artists in the mixes, not the ONE artist who can allow us to hear what kind of music he likes.

  26. JakeTheSnake on Tuesday 9, 2010

    I couldn´t agreed more Vincent! I believe in sharing and let the interested experience more of these unique and rare art pieces.

    So David, i would be so greatfull if you could reveal the missing songs. I got the crush for number 6. My compliments for the mix mr. Vunk.


  27. Superbird on Tuesday 9, 2010

    So….. any news about track 3? :)))

  28. casio on Tuesday 9, 2010

    track 3 is ELECTRICK DRAGON – Night With You 🙂

  29. lluis on Tuesday 9, 2010

    guardo il mondo da una nuvolaa…. (min 55). no coincidences in google and shazam.. such a mistery! 🙂

  30. Zack on Tuesday 9, 2010

    Ohhh my thank you Casio! I had a feeling it was Electrick Dragon but I couldn’t find it. THANK YOU

  31. gabrielfaucher on Tuesday 9, 2010

    just bought elecktrick dragon’s vinyle 😀