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C’est en parcourant les nouveautés Electro, il y a quelques semaines que je me suis arrêté sur le vinyl “Chicken Accelerator“. Première sortie du jeune label allemand Astro Chicken, cette compilation regroupe les quatre artistes Hyboid, Starlight Hammer Sounds, Telebot et Sternrekorder. Hyboid, le boss de cette communauté de talentueux passionnés, à répondu à mon invitation et dirige donc pour vous cette semaine une sélection exclusive qui inclut des titres rares et inédits. Je vous encourage vivement à parcourir le site du label qui propose des extraits plus qu’alléchants de leurs futures productions!

In crossing the “Electro” news some weeks ago, I stopped on the vinyl” Chicken Accelerator “. First release of the young German label Astro Chicken, this compilation includes four artists Hyboid, Starlight Hammer Sounds, Telebot and Sternrekorder. Hyboid, the boss of this community of talented passionate persons, has answered my invitation and thus manage for you this week an exclusive selection which includes rare and unreleased tracks. I deeply encourage you to visit the website of the label which proposes more than tempting extracts of their future productions!

Hyboid (Astro Chicken) – Special Valerie Mix 22092010


01 – Jean-Jacques Perrey & Air – Cosmic Bird [Source Records]
02 – The Mitgang Audio – Binary Life [Suction]
03 – Starcluster Featuring Marc Almond – Smoke & Mirrors (Starcluster Alternative Version) [Aube]
04 – Rude 66 – The 1000 Year Storm [Creme Organization]
05 – Sternrekorder – Geh lieber nie [Astro Chicken]
06 – Hyboid – Multiple Personality Disorder [Astro Chicken, unreleased]
07 – 4mat – Vertical [8bitpeoples]
08 – Ceephax Acid Crew – Acid Le Soken [Breakin’]
09 – CiM – RN.a [Delsin]
10 – Hyboid – Vogon Poetry [Astro Chicken]
11 – Starlight Hammer Sounds – Turrican 2 [Astro Chicken]
12 – DMX Krew – Good Ol’ Daze [Rephlex]
13 – Miss Kittin & The Hacker – Stock Exchange Woman [Gigolo]
14 – Experimental Products – Glowing in the Dark [Gigolo]
15 – Christian Bruhn – Captain Future O.S.T. – Planet der Kranken [Colosseum]
16 – Risk Risk – Wake up [Astro Chicken, unreleased]
17 – Telebot – Disco Dump [Astro Chicken]
18 – Sternrekorder – Es geht die Fahrt dahin [Astro Chicken, unreleased]

  1. okdk on Friday 1, 2010

    exzellent! danke! <^

  2. hd trailsrider on Friday 1, 2010

    euphorie-thanx-i like i like

  3. Mr. Mæn on Friday 1, 2010

    When downloading this I was thinking this is going to be good. Everything from Valerie is good! But I’m sorry this isn’t good… This is bliss! It’s so amazing I can’t put it into words. I would never have found these great tracks by my own. Thank you Hyboid and Valerie! Please keep it up 😀

  4. JAY RAY ME on Friday 1, 2010

    One of the best vintage electro mix that I ever heard…Thanx and keep on believing !

  5. erik vgame watt on Friday 1, 2010

    this is one of the best of the whole year.great. love it

  6. Ernie on Friday 1, 2010

    Amazing. Weirdly enough, I originally thought it was a series of tracks from the same producer. There’s a stamp on the whole lot…but yep, best thing I have heard all year, apart from a model telling me how huge I was! Cheers.

  7. FisK on Friday 1, 2010

    One of the mix of vintage electro I ever heard!! totally amazing men!!

  8. Joseph Edward Tarin on Friday 1, 2010

    am I too late?

    this is awesome.. really like the risk risk track