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Cette semaine, les références côtoieront les nouveautés puisque ces derniers temps, les sorties se bousculent pour notre plus grand plaisir… En effet, Anoraak, Minitel Rose, The Outrunners ou encore GRUM nous proposent enfin leurs 1er albums tant attendus et qui peupleront, à coup sûr nos playlists estivales!

This week, the classics will be next to the novelties because lately, the releases crowd for our biggest pleasure… Indeed, Anoraak, Minitel Rose, The Outrunners or still GRUM propose us finally their 1st albums long-awaited and which will populate, certainly our summer playlists!

College – Space Wagon Mix

Playlist :

Joan Baez – Silent running
Anoraak – Above your head
The Hasbeens – Keep fooling yourself
Tangerine Dream – Dancing on a white moon
Paul – Take me to the limit
Vitalic – Second lives (Lifelike Remix)
Grum feat Electric Youth – Turn it up
Cinnamon Chasers – You
Beaufort – She don’t care
College – White mosaic
Dmx Krew – Hellfire

  1. sunny on Thursday 27, 2010

    love you college

  2. pablo honey on Thursday 27, 2010


  3. TNUC on Thursday 27, 2010

    excellent choices once again.

    Electric Youth’s contribution to ‘turn it up’ is the best piece of bubblegum i’ve chewed since 1989!

  4. Francois on Thursday 27, 2010

    College, you never miss. And Beaufort’s ‘She Don’t Care’ is still the killing me every time I hear it. Lovin’ it.

  5. Arnault on Thursday 27, 2010

    You are always doing a great job with your mixes
    Teenage color mix
    Secret diary Mix
    & Space Wagon
    By far the best mixes of the Valerie collective!

  6. Hart on Thursday 27, 2010

    Thank you College and Valerie for putting together such awesome mixes. They are divine!

  7. KdK on Thursday 27, 2010

    Fock, that good.

  8. tom on Thursday 27, 2010

    simply to good to be true. awesome…

  9. Miquel on Thursday 27, 2010

    Thank you College, must admit White Mosaic is the bomb!!

  10. Vaultfm on Thursday 27, 2010

    I swear every time i listen to one of these mixes i gain 5 new loved artists lol

  11. jameshabard on Thursday 27, 2010

    so many amazing times in my life are associated with your music and mixes. this mix is no exception. thankyou,

    so so so much love from australia.

  12. tom on Thursday 27, 2010

    hi college,

    love your remixes. please do an another soon.

    best regards

  13. Axeholes on Thursday 27, 2010

    Pretty tight mix, College.
    Nice track selection (didn’t quite agree with the very first track, but whatever is fine for the story / mix).

    The Lifelike Remix of Vitalic’s Second lives gives me a “New Order” type vibe (very digital and colorful, and the drums on it just scream 80s). Would love to hear it with subtle vocals or something of that nature (a la New Order).

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