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“ Creating a suspension of disbelief, he makes you able to perceive the beauty and enchantment of the world. If he can create a state of mind – or better, a state of soul – and provoke an emotion of such quality that the only name you can give to that emotion is “magic”, he has the right to be called a magician.”
Christian Chelman

Une  pièce musicale en trois actes qui soigne sa mise en scène et nous plonge au cœur d’une affaire troublante et mystérieuse. Écrite par Paul il y a quelques années, on y reconnaît déjà le talent qui caractérise ses plus récentes productions.

A musical play in three acts which takes care of its direction and plunges us in the heart of a disturbing and mysterious affair. Written by Paul a few years ago, we can already recognize in it the talent which characterizes its most recent productions.

Inner city justice – Chase

Inner city justice – Vilains theme

Inner city justice – Windy night

Total Running Time: 8’21

  1. Zombie Man on Saturday 1, 2010

    Paul is a very talented musician,his sampling is impeccable.His early work sounds great!

  2. crop the world on Saturday 1, 2010

    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lucas B (Plaisir du Plaisir) on Saturday 1, 2010

    Très bon ça !

  4. martin ley on Saturday 1, 2010

    WAW good !!!

  5. Cafekkos on Saturday 1, 2010

    Windy night me rappelle un peu l’intro de Streets of Rage, épique !

  6. VincentCurry on Saturday 1, 2010

    awesome tracks man.

  7. jegoo on Saturday 1, 2010

    awesome tracks!
    thx 4 sharing this

  8. weight on Saturday 1, 2010

    yeah my dad will like this

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