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Plusieurs dossiers en cours cette semaine sur le bureau de Valerie. Commençons par Anoraak qui signe, avec le savoir-faire qu’on lui connait, un très beau remix pour Mika. Poursuivons ensuite avec la nouvelle mixtape de mon ami Finlandais Lauri Soini qui visite, cette fois-ci, des contrées musicales aussi originales que variées. Enfin, pour célèbrer cette semaine la sortie digitale du dernier Ep de College, Paul nous offre son remix de Real Hero!

Several hot files this week on the desk of Valerie. Let’s begin with Anoraak, who recently finished a very beautiful remix for Mika with the same superb quality we know and love him for. Next up, we have a new mixtape from my Finnish friend Lauri Soini with a more tropical vibe for your enjoyment. Finally, to celebrate the digital release of College‘s new EP, Paul offers us his remix of Real Hero!

College feat. Electric Youth – A Real Hero (Paul Remix)

Lauri Soini – Tom Tom Beat Mix


Daniele Losi – Tom Tom Beat (Afro Mix)
Roots Unit – Mabonda
Afrika System – Anikana-O (Zulu Mix)
King Errisson – Disco Congo (The Disco Plumber Edit)
Diegors feat R. Costa- O sea, Hello!
Billy Bogus – Arborea
Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt – Serpico
Dance Disorder – My Time
Jacob Korn – I Like The Sun (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
Rebolledo & Daniel Maloso – Venganza y Seducción
Whitesnake – Is This Love (New Found Land Edit)
Nemesi feat NOIA – Ojo
I:Cube – Supernovac
Adrenalinoman – On Off
Think Almost Twice – Chikiba
Sin & Soul – Pope

  1. Yulianka on Monday 11, 2010

    oh oh oh !!!

  2. Magnus on Monday 11, 2010

    As usual amazing track from Paul !!!!


  3. Spence Diamonds on Monday 11, 2010

    OMG!@ I can’t believe you guys happen to be throwing your first party in ages while I’m going to be vacationing in France, on the weekend that I have nothing planned for, no less! See you soon, you pamplemousse eating, retro-futurist gods!

  4. Nit on Monday 11, 2010

    Awsome track again by Pauley..

  5. Philip on Monday 11, 2010

    Great remix by Paul and one nice mix by Lauri. Simply put, great stuff.

  6. djo on Monday 11, 2010

    énormissimme !!!