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Compositeur et chanteur Italo de légende, Fred Ventura a travaillé, dans les années 80,  avec quelques un des meilleurs producteurs parmi lesquels Turatti & Chieregato. Plus récemment, il a enchainé les collaborations avec le label hollandais Clone Records ainsi qu’avec des artistes comme Alden Tyrell ou Mr Pauli. Cette semaine,  il nous fait l’immense honneur de signer, en exclusivité pour Valerie, la playlist d’un mix réalisé avec le soutien de DJ Nova.

Composer and legendary Italian singer Fred Ventura worked in the 80s with some of the best Italo producers of the time including Turatti & Chieregato. More recently, he has worked closely with the Dutch label Clone Records as well as with contemporary artists such as Alden Tyrell or Mr Pauli. This week, it gives us a great honour to post, exclusively for Valerie, a playlist produced with the support of DJ Nova.

Fred Ventura – Disco Relix Mixtape


Creatures: Expansion
International Music System: Nonline
N.O.I.A.: Stranger In A Strange Land (Club Mix)
Blackway: New Life
Kano: Ikeya Seki
Charlie: Spacer Woman
Gino Soccio: Remember
Space: Magic Fly
Lama: Nineteen Ninety Three
Giorgio Moroder: From Here To Eternity
Phaeax: Talk About
Peter Richard: Walking On The Neon
Prince: China
Krisma: Cathode Mamma
Romanelli: Chain Reaction

  1. shikaka on Wednesday 14, 2009

    J’AIME CA !!! superbe mix, thx a lot !!

  2. WOPR on Wednesday 14, 2009

    Prestige !

  3. deonplayground on Wednesday 14, 2009

    ‘No words…they should send a poet!’…what a perfect MIX, thank you a lot.

  4. Zombie Man on Wednesday 14, 2009

    Astounding Mix,and Find! “Lama: Nineteen Ninety Three” is a great track!…and you can’t go wrong with Giorgio Moroder. I’ve been listening to E=MC2 alot these days,and the soundtrack he did for “Foxes”.

  5. renea on Wednesday 14, 2009

    Thanks again Valerie!
    Lovely Fred Ventura for this incredible playlist…i discover today “LAMA” …….yeahhhhhh this soundddd….destroy my brain…….oooooahhhhh!!!!
    thanks thanks thanks !!!!

  6. TechFalcon on Wednesday 14, 2009

    Brilliant mix!

  7. Paul on Wednesday 14, 2009

    Sure, a groover … awesome !

  8. Florent on Wednesday 14, 2009

    Thx for the mix – great indeed!!!

  9. benjamin on Wednesday 14, 2009

    perfecto <3