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Vous connaissez peut-être déjà I-f pour son tube de 1997, Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass, signé à l’époque sur Disko B. N’ayant pas gardé un très bon souvenir des gros labels et de leurs promesses, il a ensuite préféré conserver son indépendance en poursuivant son œuvre à travers une multitude de projets et de pseudos. Je vous présente aujourd’hui un mix qu’il a réalisé pour CBS, le programme fétiche d’Intergalactic FM, 45 minutes de bonheur mélodique qui viennent enrichir notre laboratoire auditif.

Perhaps you’re already familiar with I-f for their 1997 chart hit, ‘Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass’, signed on Disko B. After a lot of not so good memories of big labels and their promises, he then preferred to preserve his independence and pursued his work through a multitude of other projects. I present you a mix today which he realized for CBS, the superstar program from Intergalactic FM, 45 minutes of melodic happiness which comes to enrich our hearing laboratories.

I-f – Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass

I-f – Disco Mix From Tape 1986

  1. Miquel on Wednesday 23, 2009

    I used to love so much I-F !! Thanks to him and his website radio streaming CBS I learnt all I needed to know of Italo Disco!

    I remember well Mixed Up in The Hague!! Thanks for making us remember one of the greatest artists of all time!

  2. Greg on Wednesday 23, 2009

    Bonjour, est-il possible de se procurer ou de télécharger ce mix et de maniere général l’ensemble des mix de ce site? J’adore!

    Is it possible to download these mix or buy them somewhere?


  3. Sonny Crockett on Wednesday 23, 2009

    I-F rules

  4. Le Coutelier on Wednesday 23, 2009

    Clic-droit, clic droit…

  5. Le Coutelier on Wednesday 23, 2009

    Par contre, si quelqu”un est chaud sur la playlist… Je suis preneur !


  6. Soterius on Wednesday 23, 2009

    I’d love to have a playlist of the songs!!


  7. Zombie Man on Wednesday 23, 2009

    Legendary mix! Excellent track!

  8. christina on Wednesday 23, 2009

    J’adore ce mix!! Can’t stop listening to it!
    Would love to have this playlist as well!

  9. Philip on Wednesday 23, 2009

    Once again pure quality. Viewlexx in overall has a whole lot of great releases and “Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass” is not exception. The same goes fo the mixtape – great stuff!

  10. Herr Doktor on Wednesday 23, 2009

    its good to know that valerie and CBS/INTERGALATIC are connected. The cbs since 2004 made my musical taste. I first listened to GOLDEN ITALO CLASSIX there, listening to Mr flagio, Charlie, Doctor´s cat..also new projects like LEGOWELT.. and last year i discovered Valerie, the blog that changed my life forever, college, anoraak, maethelvin.. AND NOW THEY ARE CONNECTED!

    Valerie + Bunker + Intergalatic for life!

  11. Mishael on Wednesday 23, 2009

    Позвольте поблагодарить вас за актуальнейшую информацию.

  12. acidbearboy on Wednesday 23, 2009

    This is a great mix. I don’t know any of the tracks but I like them all. Can anybody help with a tracklist? Any info appreciated. Thanks

  13. acidbearboy on Wednesday 23, 2009

    I’d particularly like to know that track that starts around 34m.

  14. yep yep on Wednesday 23, 2009

    cool shit!

  15. Something Weird on Wednesday 23, 2009

    I-F!!!!! YES!!!! I STILL jam out to their “Fucking Consumer” album! Such a great post, thans!! 🙂

  16. Karl on Wednesday 23, 2009


    I-F – Disco Mix II (from Tape 1986)
    01 Time Zone – The Wildstyle
    02 Liaisons Dangereuses – Los Ninos del Parque
    03 Camaro’s Gang – Fuerza Major
    04 Fabian Nesti – Heigh-Ho
    05 L.A. Message – Dead or alive
    06 Cyber People – Doctor Faustu’s
    07 Mike Cannon – Goin’ crazy
    08 Ken Laszlo – Tonight
    09 The System – It’s Passion
    10 Quadrant Six – Body Mechanic
    11 The Immortals – The ultimate Warlord
    12 ‘lectric Workers – The Garden (Dub)

  17. Karl on Wednesday 23, 2009

    Sorry, wrong tracklisting, just started listened there, thought it was a different one.

  18. Karl on Wednesday 23, 2009

    Here’s the correct one:

    I-F – Disco Mix I (from Tape 1986)
    01 Radiorama – Vampires
    02 Martinelli – Revolution
    03 Malcolm X – No Sell Out
    04 Ago – Computer (in my Mind)
    05 Lee Marrow – Cannibals (Baa-Boù – Baa Boù)
    06 Kid Frost – Terminator
    07 Junior Byron – Dance to the Music
    08 Radiorama – Chance to Desire
    09 Visions – Everybody (Remix)
    10 Lee Marrow – Shanghai
    11 Blind Date – Your Heart keeps burning
    12 Sly Fox – Como tu te Llama? (what is your Name)

  19. mario on Wednesday 23, 2009

    grazie mile di informazione

  20. Kelly on Wednesday 23, 2009

    I love this track!

  21. YORIK on Wednesday 23, 2009

    Спасибо за хороший сайт, побольше бы таких ресурсов!

  22. Toys on Wednesday 23, 2009

    Youre totally right on this blog post!!