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Lauri Soini est l’organisateur de nombreux rendez-vous de la scène électronique finlandaise, comme la soirée mensuelle du Club Nolla, Sim City 2000. En plus d’être un excellent Dj, il fait également partie du projet “Hannulelauri” dont le premier maxi, Metropol Ep, est sorti récemment sur le label Seahorse & Castle. L’extrait qu’il nous offre en exclusivité pour Valerie s’appelle Sorcery, un long voyage de 11 minutes qu’ils ont choisi de compléter avec un mix exceptionnel dont je vous laisse apprécier la richesse.

Lauri Soini is the promoter of numerous parties in the Finnish electronic scene, notanly the monthly event Club Nolla, Sim City 2000. Besides being an excellent Dj, he is also a part of the project ” Hannulelauri ” among which their first vinyl, Metropol Ep, was recently released on the label Seahorse & Castle. The track which he offers up exclusively for Valerie is called Sorcery, a journey of 11 minutes, in which they complete an exceptional mix which i’m sure you’ll appreciate.

Hannulelauri – Sorcery

Hannulelauri – The Metropol Mix (by Lauri Soini)


Bogdan Irkuk – Space Reflecting On The Bosporos
Patrick Cowley – Sea Hunt (Automan Edit)
Zazu – Captain Starlight
Stupid Set – Don’t Be Cold (In The Summer Of Love) (instrumental)
The Radiators – I Am Sure (Instrumental)
Mac Jr. – Elephant Song (Instrumental)
Lustt – Pillow Talk
Night Moves – Transdance (New York Mix)
Starcluster feat. Marc Almond – Smoke & Mirrors (Original Dub)
Elitechnique – Munich Emotions
Hannulelauri – Metropol
Sally Shapiro – Dying In Africa
Anders Lundqvist – Strike Force
Krzysztof Radomski – Return Of Nosmo King
Two Of China – Los Niños Del Parque (Corrida Mix)
Sphinx – Collision (Remixed)
Tyrell Corporation – Together Alone

  1. Zombie Man on Tuesday 11, 2009

    Gorgeous picture, gorgeous mix,and wow–I’m very impressed with ‘Sorcery’.Excellent find,College! I listened up to Pillow talk…an absolutely atmospheric track, I’ll have to listen more after work.

  2. Plip on Tuesday 11, 2009

    I was beginning to wonder why aren’t those guys yet on Valerie. Pure Finnish quality accompanied by an amazing track and a great mix 😉

  3. lv on Tuesday 11, 2009

    absolutely love this mix, love this site, love you guys!

  4. Grant on Tuesday 11, 2009

    Sorcery is a beautiful track, absolutely brilliant, a very good find, cant wait for more releases.

    Much love from Australia

  5. TechFalcon on Tuesday 11, 2009

    Awesome mix, great track, excellent post as always.

  6. Alexa on Tuesday 11, 2009

    is that a picture of Linda Ronstadt? and AMAZING tracks Valerie, thank you from Limousin!

  7. College on Tuesday 11, 2009

    It’s a picture of Sally Field

  8. Robert on Tuesday 11, 2009

    Nice mix .. however had to listen to this mix some times to appreaciate it 😉

    Thankt to Valerie!

  9. hoken on Tuesday 11, 2009
  10. paraplanradio on Tuesday 11, 2009

    the mix is awesome!

  11. christina on Tuesday 11, 2009

    this mix is insane!! I’m addicted!

  12. PD Williams on Tuesday 11, 2009

    absolutely beautiful. sigh.

  13. cynoir on Tuesday 11, 2009

    lol i think this is the first time i’m hearing a spacesynth track on a mix (Krzysztof Radomski @ 56:00)….awesome mix, too bad this stuff would never fly in the U.S. (unfortunately) 🙁