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Si vous êtes des lecteurs assidus du blog, vous connaissez sûrement Stephen Falken. Il est la moitié du projet The Outrunners mais compose également en son propre nom. Ses ballades harmoniques et synthétiques sont toujours une merveilleuse invitation au voyage. Après Shadow of the Wind, il revient nous présenter un nouvelle essai, The Deal. Un dossier sombre et fantastique qui ouvre une nouvelle page passionnante de son histoire.

If you are diligent readers of this blog, then you’ll certainly know of Stephen Falken by now. Usually recognized as one half of the project The Outrunners, Falken also composes under his own name. His harmonious and synthetic ballads are always a magnificent invitation to an adventurous journey. After Shadow of the Wind, he now presents to us a brand new piece, entitled The Deal. A dark and fantastic composition which opens a new passionate page of his musical voyage.

Stephen Falken – The Deal (320 kbps)
Stephen Falken – The Deal (Wave)

  1. Anonymous on Wednesday 15, 2009

    stephen falken the master

  2. Anonymous on Wednesday 15, 2009

    Amazing. . . analog heaven! I can’t wait until this comes out

  3. Anonymous on Wednesday 15, 2009

    another masterpice from Mr.Falken!

  4. Anonymous on Wednesday 15, 2009

    C’est de qui l’image ??

  5. Bradley D! (Flashmen) on Wednesday 15, 2009

    It’s about time for more S.Falken 🙂

  6. TNUC on Wednesday 15, 2009


    Finally some new Falken. Now all i’m looking forward to is new OUTRUNNERS!


  7. COLLEGE CAROLE and RUSS on Wednesday 15, 2009

    It’s a book cover from Hauser’s Memory by Curt Siodmak 1969, the cover art is uncredited. “Speculative Fiction About International Conspiracy, the CIA, Brains, Memory and RNA
    from the Author of Donovan’s Brain”

  8. anagramme on Wednesday 15, 2009

    superb!! no words to describe it stephen falken is sthephen falken

  9. Anonymous on Wednesday 15, 2009


  10. ryan on Wednesday 15, 2009

    good stuff

    keep sending out updates on Facebook! I appreciate those reminders too.

    Thank you

  11. Julius on Wednesday 15, 2009

    REALLY great stuff as usual. I like this other side to Stephen Falken, it’s a nice compliment to The Outrunners. Looking forward to more!

  12. The Jack of Hearts on Wednesday 15, 2009

    Life’s much better with Valerie.

  13. Blago93laf on Wednesday 15, 2009

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