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Fin 2008, ce talentueux producteur de Leeds avait déjà gratifié Valerie de deux titres qui ont, depuis, secoué les blogs et les dancefloor. Aux portes du Printemps, il revient nous présenter en exclusivité ses deux dernières compositions. Voilà donc un remix pour le projet ProCon et un titre original qui sont une nouvelle fois parfaitement calibrés pour enflammer votre playlist. Merci Edwin ! Rendez-vous à tous les nantais samedi prochain au Zenith pour une performance exceptionnelle de Pony Pony Run Run et Minitel Rose qui invitent notre collectif !

Near the end of 2008, this talented producer from Leeds, UK, presented Valerie with two tracks which shook our blog and rocked your dance floors. Now that we near Spring, he exclusively gives us his two latest compositions. Here for you is a remix for the ProCon project and an original track, each of, which is finely tuned and perfectly calibrated to set fire to your playlist. Thank you Edwin! Also a message to the people of Nantes, meet us next Saturday in Zenith for an exceptional Valerie performances from Pony Pony Run Run and Minitel Rose! Come join our collective!

  1. Karge on Wednesday 11, 2009


  2. Tobias on Wednesday 11, 2009


  3. renea on Wednesday 11, 2009

    """ B.R.U.T.A.L """
    My goddddddd!!!!!… this breaks all rules….
    D.E.L.I.A……Im in love with you…. …………………….what the hell is this EDWIN VAN CLEEF made of…is FANTASTIC
    again & again ****VALERIE**** te queremos a morir, menudo temazo!!!! me salen las lagrimas de la felicidad

  4. Arnie Becker on Wednesday 11, 2009

    Great post! Absolutely love EVC!!! And he’s not half bad at World of Warcraft either…

  5. Dan on Wednesday 11, 2009

    Either stop encoding your mp3s in 320 or increase your download speed, it can’t even stream it in real time. It’s an embarrassment.

  6. Tatie FALKEN on Wednesday 11, 2009

    Releasing 320 mp3z is great ! dont stop ! Dan will soon learn patience.

  7. Anonymous on Wednesday 11, 2009

    Edwin Van Cleef stole his name from the name of a boss in world of warcraft that has been since 2004

  8. Anonymous on Wednesday 11, 2009


  9. AlexaTangerine on Wednesday 11, 2009


  10. Anonymous on Wednesday 11, 2009