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Valerie est fière de vous présenter, cette semaine, sa nouvelle copine “Cécile“, un projet italien de grande qualité qui m’a particulièrement subjugué. A travers ces deux titres je vous invite, comme moi, à vous laissez envoûter par ses mélodies délicates et poétiques. Par ailleurs, vous aurez sans doute remarqué que nos tournées américaines et australiennes sont confirmées! Des événements exceptionnels avec, pour commencer, une date au Webster Hall de New York qui réunira Russ Chimes, Anoraak, College et pour la première fois en live, Lovelock! Le rêve rejoint parfois la réalité, à bientôt donc, pour ces quelques nuits magiques…

This week Valerie is proud to present you, our new friend “Cécile“, a high-quality Italian project which particularly grabbed me. Through these two tracks I invite you to become bewitched by his delicate and poetic melodies. In other news, you will doubtlessly have noticed that our American and Australian tours are now confirmed! With got a run of great parties lined up, beginning with a date at Webster Hall in New York which will bring together Russ Chimes, Anoraak, College, and for the first time there live, Lovelock! Sometimes the dream becomes the reality, we really hope to see you for these magic nights…

Cécile – Andromeda

  1. Max on Wednesday 14, 2009

    Super blog, j’adore votre design, vos post son toujours très reussi. Venez nous visiter:

  2. The Hamiltonian on Wednesday 14, 2009

    favorite blog! hopping on the bus from Washington DC to go to Webster Hall… this night can’t be missed

  3. COLLEGE CAROLE and RUSS on Wednesday 14, 2009

    “Una domenica italiana” was also composed by Dolphi, check his myspace here :

  4. Bradley D! on Wednesday 14, 2009

    I will see you all at Webster 🙂

  5. Pierre de la Touche on Wednesday 14, 2009

    Time and space travel. Love it. Thanks 🙂

  6. Dave on Wednesday 14, 2009

    Webster, count it.

  7. Madeline on Wednesday 14, 2009

    oh i really wish you were doing more australian dates!

  8. Nathan on Wednesday 14, 2009

    Love that you’re coming to the States. I wish the NY show was two days later. Two days before I turn 19 at 19+ show! Poor luck. Please come back to the States and do a round through Boston!

  9. mlick on Wednesday 14, 2009

    fake music

  10. val ang on Wednesday 14, 2009

    i will be seeing you this Friday in NYC!!!
    4 days is 4 more days too loooong

  11. Luciano on Wednesday 14, 2009

    You guys seriously need to stop by Miami sometime this year.

  12. Dan on Wednesday 14, 2009

    More US Tour Dates PLEASE. Miami would be great. Or Denver, that would be even better!

  13. Lukas on Wednesday 14, 2009

    when are you guys coming to amsterdam!!!??

  14. alerts on Wednesday 14, 2009

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