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David Vunk est le patron du précieux label Hollandais, Moustache Records. Avec son complice Alden Tyrell, ils sont les plus valeureux gardiens de l’âge d’or de l’Italo Disco. Techniciens de génie, David et Alden ne mixent que des vinyls et ce, avec une précision quasi chirurgicale. Ils nous livrent ici une sélection romantique unique qui réchauffera votre cœur aux portes de l’hiver. J’ai d’ores et déjà réussi à reconnaitre quelques titres mais je compte sur les lecteurs les plus avertis du blog pour faire toute la lumière sur cette mystérieuse playlist. Par ailleurs, je vous conseille de vous rendre sur le site ou vous pourrez trouver pleins d’autres trésors.

David Vunk is the boss of the invaluable Dutch label, Moustache Records. With his friend Alden Tyrell, they are valiant defenders of the golden age of Italian Disco. Both super skilled DJ’s, David and Alden only mix original vinyl with almost surgical precision. Here they give us a unique romantic selection which will warm your heart through this cold winter. Make sure to check out their web site where you can find loads of the guys other Italo treasures. Although I recognize several tracks in this mysterious mix, i have to invite our most knowledgeable readers to help us fill in the blanks!

  1. Herr Doktor on Wednesday 10, 2008

    downloading now!

    alden tyrell is my italo disco hero! valerie, college, alden, outrunners keep the flag of the 80´s good music flying! i just don´t know what would be of my life without you guys!

    hey college, post more italo tracks for us!

  2. Herr Doktor on Wednesday 10, 2008

    ps: love from brazil, rio de janeiro!

  3. Anonymous on Wednesday 10, 2008

    My download was interrupted! buhu! Get the file up online again.

  4. Sonny Crockett on Wednesday 10, 2008

    Du beau monde dans ce mix; Valerie, Rose, Domina… Mais trop court!
    Italo disco never dies!

  5. Hyperthrust on Wednesday 10, 2008

    aaaaaall my friends are talking to me, what’s this love i see… i know you can make it right, i’m still waiting now!

  6. Anonymous on Wednesday 10, 2008

    Can anyone ID the track with the female singer repeating “playboy?”

  7. Sonny Crockett on Wednesday 10, 2008

    That’s “VENISE – Playboy”

  8. tony_vercetti on Wednesday 10, 2008

    Merci pour ce son encore, vous etes au top !

  9. joebassn on Wednesday 10, 2008


  10. Anonymous on Wednesday 10, 2008

    Track list anyone? At least the name of the third track…

  11. Anonymous on Wednesday 10, 2008

    1st track?

  12. Anonymous on Wednesday 10, 2008

    1st track : Valerie Dore – Get Closer, and the last one; Valerie Dore – Get Closer.

  13. Anonymous on Wednesday 10, 2008

    Sorry, the first one is “The Night” by Valerie Dore…

  14. Anonymous on Wednesday 10, 2008


  15. Nathan on Wednesday 10, 2008

    Second track: You Got My Soul by Domina

  16. Christian on Wednesday 10, 2008

    Does anyone know the name of the 3rd song?

  17. Sonny Crockett on Wednesday 10, 2008

    1st track: Valerie Dore – the night
    2nd: Rose – Magic Carillon
    3rd: Domina – You got my soul

  18. Christian on Wednesday 10, 2008

    thanks a lot for the track names Sonny

  19. Anonymous on Wednesday 10, 2008

    irrésistible valerie dore,il manque peut etre cyber people et moon ray qui sont mes chouchous en ce moment

  20. dzei on Wednesday 10, 2008

    5th track
    Mike Rogers – Just A Story

  21. Anonymous on Wednesday 10, 2008

    wow i love it!, coudl anyone uplaod the tracklist¿ btw thanks for the name of the first songs, tks a lot,seriosuly.

  22. Angel on Wednesday 10, 2008

    Valerie Dore and Rose back to back…I’m smitten.

  23. Angel on Wednesday 10, 2008

    01 Valerie Dore – The Night
    02 Rose – Magic Carillion
    03 Domina – You got my Soul
    04 Diego – Walk in the night
    05 Mike Rogers – Just a Story
    06 Webo – Shaking Lovers
    07 Gaz Nevada – Ticket to LA
    08 Jules – I want to
    09 Danny Keith – Keep on music
    10 Mirage – Woman (intrumental)
    12 Venise – Playboy
    13 Amnesie – Turas
    14 Valerie Dore – Get Closer

  24. COLLEGE CAROLE and RUSS on Wednesday 10, 2008

    Thanks a lot Angel 🙂

  25. pedrobayonn on Wednesday 10, 2008

    tres tres romantique!

  26. Tally Isham on Wednesday 10, 2008

    best mix ever!!!!!
    soooooo good, beautiful selection, and sooo cohesive!

  27. maicher on Wednesday 10, 2008

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  28. PageMargery25 on Wednesday 10, 2008

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