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Electric Youth est un duo qui nous vient comme Parallels de Toronto. Une scène bouillonnante semble donc émerger une nouvelle fois Outre-Atlantique. Au delà, de leurs productions dont on reparlera prochainement sur Valerie, Austin moitié du groupe m’a confié la primeur de ce petit mix qui révèle merveilleusement les couleurs chaleureuses et nostalgiques du projet.

As Parallels, Electric Youth is a canadian duo from Toronto where a new scene seems to emerge. Beyond their productions which are soon get back on Valerie, Austin (half of the duo), given me the oppotunity to present you this small mix which wonderfully reveals the warm and nostalgic colors of the project.

Electric Youth – Pure Colors Mix


1. Thomas Dolby – Cloudburst At Shingle Street
2. Nu Shooz – Point Of No Return
3. Sphinx – Love In C Minor
4. Messenjah – Crazy
5. Dave Grusin – Kitchen Dance
6. Level 42 – Lying Still
7. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Thousand Knives (Original 1978 Version)

  1. JATYEO on Tuesday 26, 2008

    YES! Austin my brother!!!

  2. bearbaby on Tuesday 26, 2008

    love in c minor! is that a cerrone cover… <3!!

  3. Rhizomatic on Tuesday 26, 2008

    GOOD LORD!!!!!

    Are these guys SERIOUS?????


    It’s incredible. I can’t even listen past the first chorus without having to stop the track and go back to the beginning.

  4. Golden-Gate-Station on Tuesday 26, 2008

    Nouveau post sur

    Bonne ecoute 🙂