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Today, I would like to make you discover, or re-discover, for some of you, an amazing soundtrack, from “Heartbreakers“, a 1984 movie. Composed by Tangerine Dream, these tracks sounds typically “80’s style”, and particularly this one, “Gemini”, which drives you at full speed on a highway through the night… Enjoy it!

Tangerine Dream – Gemini

  1. spleenisfine on Tuesday 25, 2008

    it is a bit too much though, isn’t it?

  2. like the flu on Tuesday 25, 2008

    pure classic yo!!

  3. Raphaël on Tuesday 25, 2008

    du coup j’ai ressorti mes k7 de Tangerine Dream…

  4. cremlystella on Tuesday 25, 2008

    j’te kiffe j’te kiss j’te link!

  5. bero on Tuesday 25, 2008

    love the poster!