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While waiting for the Minitel Rose‘s first EP due to come on Earth before summer, here are the songs they bring with them during their journey in the future. A mix full of exclusivities, to listen alone or with friends , and eyes closed…

En attendant l’arrivée sur terre du premier E.P des « Minitel Rose » prévu avant l’été, voici les chansons qu’ils emportent lors de leurs voyages dans le futur. Un mix plein d’exclusivités à écouter seul ou à plusieurs et en fermant les yeux…

Minitel Rose – « Alone in the Future Mix »

Cristal Runner – Tally Isham *
Kelly (Alan Braxe and Fred Falke Remix) – Van She
L’Amour et la Violence – Sebastien Tellier
She’s Gone – Risky *
Veridis Quo – Daft Punk
Black Balance – College *
Love Juice – SymbolOne *
Hearts on Fire – Cut Copy
So Electric – Lifelike
Vulcania – Phonder *
L’Atelier – François de Roubaix
Road to Recovery – Midnight Juggernauts
Looking for Love – Maethelvin *
Deep in the Forest – Keenhouse *
Outro from « Troupeau Bleu » – Cortex

* exclusives songs
** artwork by The Zonders

  1. COLLEGE on Thursday 6, 2008

    fantastique voyage les gars ! blindé d’exclus ce mix en + !!!

  2. Maethelvin on Thursday 6, 2008

    Oh la la la la! La playlist du futur!! La mega classe!

  3. remy on Thursday 6, 2008


  4. MEMBERS ONLY on Thursday 6, 2008

    Check out the Gary Numan post: we think it fits Valerie well.

  5. bcuz on Thursday 6, 2008

    Ainsi satisfaisant ! Merci Valerie.

  6. Anonymous on Thursday 6, 2008

    Yayyy!! You guys are fucking badasses! Its tops for sure! I knew it!

  7. Anonymous on Thursday 6, 2008


  8. Sonny Crockett on Thursday 6, 2008

    Amazing selection!

  9. Nico on Thursday 6, 2008

    Vraiment bien ce mix!!

  10. Pierre de la Touche on Thursday 6, 2008

    Placé entre un Tellier et un Daft Punk je suis à mon aise ^^
    Bravo très bon mix ! Je kiffe le Cut Copy…

  11. Georgi on Thursday 6, 2008

    Exceptional selection.

    Thank you Valerie and Minitel Rose (and the dozen great artists in this mix)

  12. SG on Thursday 6, 2008

    Tellements énormes les morceaux de Cut Copy et de Keenhouse

  13. Georgi on Thursday 6, 2008

    Can you guys repost this? It is still awesome.

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