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” Daniel’s father takes him to the secret Cemetery of Forgotten Tapes, a huge library of old, forgotten studio tapes lovingly preserved by a select few initiates. According to tradition, everyone initiated to this secret place is allowed to take one tape from it, and must protect it for life. Daniel selects a tape called The Shadow of the Wind by Julián C. That night he takes the tape home and listens to it, completely fascinated. Daniel then attempts to look for other records by this unknown composer, but can find none. All he comes across are stories of a strange man who has been seeking out Julian’s tapes for decades, buying them all and burning them. “

A synthesizer ballad available now :

Downdoad it for free in MP3 320k
Download if for free in WAV

  1. Maethelvin on Friday 22, 2008


  2. COLLEGE on Friday 22, 2008

    Only rare and original quality music on Valerie … Please enjoy Stephen Falken at his best !


  3. WDPK webzine on Friday 22, 2008

    Je trouve que ca ressemble trop aux morceaux de The Outrunners. Mais c’est sympa de l’offrir gratuitement.

    Est-ce que le crew Valérie prépare d’autres choses moins en rapport avec les années 80 ? Parceque votre son s’uniformise petit à petit, et c’est bien dommage. Il y a trop de similarités entre les morceaux.

    Bonne continuation !

    WDPK webzine

  4. Sonny Crockett on Friday 22, 2008

    C’est LE son que j’aime, bravo Falken!
    Je remet mes Ray Ban…

  5. Maethelvin on Friday 22, 2008

    en même temps, c’est un peu normal que ça ressemble aux outrunners… :DD

  6. terrestrial super receiver on Friday 22, 2008

    C’est génial

  7. Russ Chimes on Friday 22, 2008


  8. Pastor on Friday 22, 2008

    AMAZING! thank U valerie people!

  9. PAX on Friday 22, 2008


  10. seandonson on Friday 22, 2008

    Awesome! I love the book and the song!

  11. Raphaël on Friday 22, 2008

    Je pense qu’ici tout le monde est d’accord pour “s’uniformiser” avec Falken.
    La classe, top of the pop, coktails, jupiter, feu dans la cheminée…
    Falken le seul mec au monde qui n’a pas de myspace.

  12. Jean on Friday 22, 2008

    vous etes quand a l’electricity showroom, passerais vous voir 🙂

  13. A-Kid on Friday 22, 2008

    Valérie j’adore ce site une mine de zik absolutely fabulous.

    I’ve opened mine too :

    Tell me what you think…

  14. Nico on Friday 22, 2008

    Terrible ce morceau!!

  15. Anonymous on Friday 22, 2008


  16. bearbaby on Friday 22, 2008

    wow amazing as usual. completely bleak.

  17. Annabell on Friday 22, 2008

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