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“…his passion for videogames was deeply true, and the virtual has now become real, beyond his dreams…”

Paul Hertzog ‘s “Steal The Night” appears on the Bloodsport soundtrack, released in 1987. Its nice melody is a delight for all synthesizers lovers and 80’s nostalgics (just as we are!)… I hope you’ll enjoy it like I do! We belong to the night and the night belong to us…

  1. Maethelvin on Tuesday 26, 2008


  2. L. on Tuesday 26, 2008

    The Last Starfighter…
    On en est tous devenus un au final.

  3. Anonymous on Tuesday 26, 2008

    Maethelvin, fais moi un enfant…

  4. Pierre de la Touche on Tuesday 26, 2008

    Superbe! Ce solo de synthé me laisse rêveur ^^

  5. Anonymous on Tuesday 26, 2008

    FUCKING AMAZING!!! The only version of this i’ve been able to find was an audio rip from the movie.Rather poor quality BUT it contains the dialog preceding the chase scene during the song. YOU RULE FOR THIS!

  6. COLLEGE on Tuesday 26, 2008

    Sonny Crockett et ses grosse archives fantastiques ! Merci