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Burning ribbons of asphalt, The Outrunners brings you the original soundtrack of a future under fluorescent light.
Enforcing their rules with analogic warfare and weird digital manipulations, the boys will take you where only the toughest and coolest can go !

The OutrunnersBlazing speed and neon light with you

Already playlisted by LIFELIKE

The Outrunners wish to thanks:
– W.W for lending us the “fantastic four” japanese piece of gear.
– Dusty “pépère” Hayes from College for his precious ears & brain.
– Elodie Carpenter for her patience.

  1. 199 Chatarz on Wednesday 11, 2007

    Parfait, il y a tout ce qu’il faut… Et j’aime enfin le snare! 🙂

  2. Us Two Music on Wednesday 11, 2007

    This track is off the hook! Got my full support.

  3. INTERCEPTOR on Wednesday 11, 2007

    beau boulot les gars, c’est bien continuer comme çà !!!

  4. seandonson on Wednesday 11, 2007

    Really really nice.

  5. Sonny Crockett on Wednesday 11, 2007

    Mortel ce morceau, il aurait eu sa place dans Miami Vice à l’époque!
    Sympa le montage video à ce propos sur votre page myspace…
    Vivement que ce morceau sorte, continuez comme ça!
    Keep on cruising